Frosty, the mobile and talking refrigerator

Offering Drinks and Snacks

Frosty is a talking fridge and offers drinks and snacks to your guests. For example, he drives over your event, welcomes the visitors and talks to them.

He has an answer to every question. Most of all, Frosty knows exactly why it is so important to have a talking refrigerator. For this reason, it tells about digitalization, the Internet of Things (IOT) or your idea.

He presents your product at trade fairs or collects business cards and leads. In addition, it is a rolling (advertising) platform. Frosty presents your logo and attracts everyone’s attention. If you are hosting an evening event, Frosty supports the service staff or presents special drinks.

He comes into philosophizing. You can choose the contents of the refrigerator yourself. That means you can provide food and drinks yourself or Frosty brings everything.

  • The fridge is filled with drinks and snacks

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • branding possible -> attracts attention

  • can speak and drives around

  • Real “one on one conversations”

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Visualizes “digitization” and “internet of things”

talking fridge

“Digitization” and “IOT” (Internet of Things) are abstract terms. Because of this, its hard to imagine how that feels. For this reason, Frosty shows how this can look and in the future. He visualizes technical topics.

Attracts attention

talking fridge

Your logo runs large and aloud over a trade fair or event. That’s why every visitor looks when the little fridge rolls by. So that everyone can see your logo, you can attach it in 20cm x 30 cm or on request 30 cm x 40 cm on the sides of the speaking refrigerator. This will get you the maximum attention.

Offers active drinks and snacks

talking fridge

Offer your guests drinks and snacks and surprise them. This method is also suitable for trade fairs and attracts visitors to the exhibition booth. If you are in the  drinks or food business,  you can use Frosty to present your products. This “sampling” works particularly well in marketing if the presentation is linked to a new experience (speaking refrigerator).

Collects business cards and leads

talking fridge

At trade fairs, you can easily collect business cards and leads with Frosty. Here is an example: In exchange for a business card the guest receives a drink or snack.

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You can invite the speaking refrigerator to your event. It doesn’t matter whether your event is. Write an email to  and tell me what you are up to. I will send you a non-binding offer, shortly. For urgent information you can reach me on 0049 (0) 174 – 569 80 90

frost the talking fridge