Robot for hire for event and trade show

1. humanoid robot for hire: “Die Maschinenmenschen”

Whenever abstract topics such as “future”, “technology” or “digitization” are to be visualized, the “Maschinenmenschen” (Man Machines) are used. And yes yoda would put it like this: “The robot for hire it is.” There is not only one available. You can book up to 4 robots.

You can project different topics onto a machine person. If you give him a suit, he becomes a waiter. If you give him  work clothes, he becomes the employee of the future.

The Man Machines move like real robots. They are warm, cordial, sometimes in love and very playful. Guests can interact with them or just watch from afar.

Humanoid Robot costume three robots
  • They visualize your topics such as digitization, future and technology

  • welcome and say goodbye to guests

  • Present products or draw attention to the desired point

  • up to 4 robots possible

  • branding possible on the backpacks

  • based in Berlin, performing worldwide

2. Hire Hugo the talking robot

Hugo is an interactive remote-controlled robot doll that interacts with passers-by and guests.

If you would like to have profound conversations, the little guy is in the right place. Well, almost, because the little robot is quickly distracted – by blinking things and everything that looks like a machine.

Hugo is a child’s favorite, heartthrob and photo magnet.

  • Real “one on one – talks”

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • Tell something about your product or idea

  • Rides a bicycle, moves his head and talks

  • Branding on the handlebar possible

  • At home in Berlin. Can be used in Germany and neighboring countries.

3. Steve Machine – Presenter and Walkabout

Steve Machine is a robot character with animated eyes and mouth of LEDs. That gives him a retro charm. Whenever technical themes are presented in a sympathetic way, this guy comes into action. He is curious and likes to tell what has just been experienced or learned.

Steve is versatile and has many great suits in the closet. Depending on the occasion, he can change the colors. In addition to blue, red and violet many other colors are possible.

Robot presenter
  • Real “one on one – talks”

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • Moderates and announce

  • Tell something about your product or idea

  • Branding on the head possible

  • based in Berlin, performs worldwide

4. Oscar the robot

Oscar is a retro robot. He rides over your event and stays with the guests. He has chocolate or other giveaways to give away.

Wherever the event may be, Oscar will be there. He performed everywhere  already: UK, Europe or worldwide. You name it.

In addition, Osacar tells something about your product or can be photographed with your guests.

  • Real “one on one – talks”

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • talks about your product

  • Branding on the head and body possible

  • Based in UK, performs worldwide

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